There isn't 'show agents' command in CLI

I install trixbox , but there isn’t ‘show agents’ command.

trixbox1*CLI> show agents
No such command ‘show agents’ (type ‘help show agents’ for other possible commands)

When I put the agents.conf file to /ect/asterisk/ and reload asterisk , it will not work too.

who can help me ? thanks a lot .

OK , i resovle this problem . When i ‘service asterisk restart’ not ‘reload’, it works .
Is this an asterisk bug??

I think what you want is “sip show agents”. I had a hard time with finding that one.

It’s actually “agent show”.

Now I am confused. I know I did this in the past. Now none of the commands that any of us came up with are working. I don’t see anything in the help command for agents either. I think I was combining “sip show users” with “show queue” in my head.


centos*CLI> help agent agent logoff Sets an agent offline agent show Show status of agents agent show online Show all online agents

[quote]No such command ‘agent show online’ (type ‘help agent show’ for other possible commands)

asterix 1.4.22 in trixbox, which is probably the problem. :smile: