Cannot find Asterisk Manager Interface 'Agent' command

I am working on a already existing php web application and trying to add functionality to monitor asterisk queues. I am trying to use Asterisk Manager Interface to achieve this. I however cannot find the ‘Agents’ command documented here:

I am using asterisk version 11.6.0

here is my output for asterisk command 'manager show commands'

[code]jtumusiime-Veriton-M275*CLI> manager show commands
Action Privilege Synopsis

WaitEvent Wait for an event to occur.
QueueReset Reset queue statistics.
QueueReload Reload a queue, queues, or any sub-section of a queue o
QueueRule Queue Rules.
QueueMemberRing agent,all Set the ringinuse value for a queue member.
QueuePenalty agent,all Set the penalty for a queue member.
QueueLog agent,all Adds custom entry in queue_log.
QueuePause agent,all Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable.
QueueRemove agent,all Remove interface from queue.
QueueAdd agent,all Add interface to queue.
QueueSummary Show queue summary.
QueueStatus Show queue status.
Queues Queues.
StopMixMonitor Stop recording a call through MixMonitor, and free the
MixMonitor Record a call and mix the audio during the recording.
MixMonitorMute Mute / unMute a Mixmonitor recording.
VoicemailUsersL call,reporting, List All Voicemail User Information.
MuteAudio system,all Mute an audio stream.
ConfbridgeSetSi call,all Set a conference user as the single video source distri
ConfbridgeStopR call,all Stop recording a Confbridge conference.
ConfbridgeStart call,all Start recording a Confbridge conference.
ConfbridgeLock call,all Lock a Confbridge conference.
ConfbridgeUnloc call,all Unlock a Confbridge conference.
ConfbridgeKick call,all Kick a Confbridge user.
ConfbridgeUnmut call,all Unmute a Confbridge user.
ConfbridgeMute call,all Mute a Confbridge user.
ConfbridgeListR reporting,all List active conferences.
ConfbridgeList reporting,all List participants in a conference.
SIPpeerstatus system,all Show the status of one or all of the sip peers.
SIPnotify system,all Send a SIP notify.
SIPshowregistry system,reportin Show SIP registrations (text format).
SIPqualifypeer system,reportin Qualify SIP peers.
SIPshowpeer system,reportin show SIP peer (text format).
SIPpeers system,reportin List SIP peers (text format).
LocalOptimizeAw system,call,all Optimize away a local channel when possible.
AGI agi,all Add an AGI command to execute by Async AGI.
UnpauseMonitor call,all Unpause monitoring of a channel.
PauseMonitor call,all Pause monitoring of a channel.
ChangeMonitor call,all Change monitoring filename of a channel.
StopMonitor call,all Stop monitoring a channel.
Monitor call,all Monitor a channel.
Bridge call,all Bridge two channels already in the PBX.
Park call,all Park a channel.
Parkinglots Get a list of parking lots
ParkedCalls List parked calls.
ShowDialPlan config,reportin Show dialplan contexts and extensions
Filter system,all Dynamically add filters for the current manager session
AOCMessage aoc,all Generate an Advice of Charge message on a channel.
ModuleCheck system,all Check if module is loaded.
ModuleLoad system,all Module management.
CoreShowChannel system,reportin List currently active channels.
Reload system,config,a Send a reload event.
CoreStatus system,reportin Show PBX core status variables.
CoreSettings system,reportin Show PBX core settings (version etc).
UserEvent user,all Send an arbitrary event.
UpdateConfig config,all Update basic configuration.
SendText call,all Send text message to channel.
ListCommands List available manager commands.
MailboxCount call,reporting, Check Mailbox Message Count.
MailboxStatus call,reporting, Check mailbox.
AbsoluteTimeout system,call,all Set absolute timeout.
PresenceState call,reporting, Check Presence State
ExtensionState call,reporting, Check Extension Status.
Command command,all Execute Asterisk CLI Command.
Originate originate,all Originate a call.
Atxfer call,all Attended transfer.
Redirect call,all Redirect (transfer) a call.
ListCategories config,all List categories in configuration file.
CreateConfig config,all Creates an empty file in the configuration directory.
Status system,call,rep List channel status.
GetConfigJSON system,config,a Retrieve configuration (JSON format).
GetConfig system,config,a Retrieve configuration.
Getvar call,reporting, Gets a channel variable.
Setvar call,all Set a channel variable.
Ping Keepalive command.
Hangup system,call,all Hangup channel.
Challenge Generate Challenge for MD5 Auth.
Login Login Manager.
Logoff Logoff Manager.
Events Control Event Flow.
MessageSend message,all Send an out of call message to an endpoint.
DataGet Retrieve the data api tree.
DBPut system,all Put DB entry.
DBDelTree system,all Delete DB Tree.
DBDel system,all Delete DB entry.
DBGet system,reportin Get DB Entry.
jtumusiime-Veriton-M275*CLI> [/code]

here is my output for cat /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

[code]jtumusiime@jtumusiime-Veriton-M275:/tmp$ cat /etc/asterisk/manager.conf
; Turn on the AMI and ask it to only accept connections from localhost.
enabled = yes
webenabled = yes
bindaddr =

; Create an account called “hello”, with a password of “world”
read=all ; Receive all types of events
write=all ; Allow this user to execute all actions

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

Are you sure chan_agent loaded?

I never had that module loaded. I loaded it and all is fine now. Thanks a lot.