No such command 'show agents online'


We are running Asterisk 1.8.15, when typing the command ‘show agents online’, we receive the following error:

No such command ‘show agents online’ (type ‘core show help show agents’ for other possible commands)

Typing: module load
Yields the following message:

WARNING[15123]: channel.c:904 ast_channel_register: Already have a handler for type 'Agent’
ERROR[15123]: chan_agent.c:2553 load_module: Unable to register channel class ‘Agent’

It seems the module is loaded, but the Agent commands are not available.
Has this been removed or changed in Asterisk 1.8.15?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


CLI commands start with a noun, not a verb.

Ok… typing “Agent” and tabbing to attempt auto complete yields no results.

core show help agent
No such command ‘agent’.


You don’t have an app_agent module, or you have autoload=no and didn’t load it;, or it failed to load because of a configuration error, but didn’t check the logs for start up errors. Try manually loading it an see what happens.even

I have checked the log for startup errors, there is no app_module in the modules directory which of course would prevent me loading it from the CLI.
Furthermore, “make menuselect” does not show any module called ‘app_agent’.

Sorry. chan_agent