Agent commands missing

I installed asteriskNow on a virtual machine, and when i connect to the asterisk CLI, i don’t find agent commands…
here is the list of the commands i have access to:
! ael agi aoc cc cdr cel channel cli config
core dahdi data database devstate dialplan digium_phones dnsmgr event fax
features file group http indication keys local logger manager meetme
mfcr2 minivm mixmonitor module moh no parkedcalls phoneprov pri queue
realtime rtcp rtp say sip sla ss7 stun timing transcoder
udptl ulimit voicemail

if i do this;
asterisk*CLI> module load
Unable to load module

what i want was to have the list of the online users…is the “agent show online command” the only way to know this info?

Look for errors in agents.conf.

I’m not sure whether unable to load can mean already loaded, but just in case, try module reload.

Hi David, thanks for your post,
when i did a module reload, i think nothing happened

asterisk*CLI> module reload asterisk*CLI>

but what is weird is that i don’t have a agents.conf file!
all i have in my /etc/asterisk/ repository are:

[root@asterisk asterisk]# ls asterisk.conf features_featuremap_custom.conf logger_logfiles_custom.conf res_digium_phone.conf cdr.conf features_general_additional.conf manager_additional.conf res_digium_phone_devices.conf cdr_mysql.conf features_general_custom.conf manager.conf res_digium_phone_general.conf cdr_mysql.conf.bak freepbx_featurecodes.conf.template manager.conf.bak rtp.conf cdr_odbc.conf freepbx_menu.conf.template manager_custom.conf sip_additional.conf cdr_odbc.conf.bak freepbx_module_admin.conf meetme_additional.conf sip.conf chan_dahdi_additional.conf globals_custom.conf meetme.conf sip_custom.conf chan_dahdi.conf iax_additional.conf modem.conf sip_custom_post.conf chan_dahdi.conf.template iax.conf modules.conf sip_general_additional.conf chan_dahdi_general.conf iax_custom.conf musiconhold_additional.conf sip_general_custom.conf chan_dahdi_groups.conf iax_custom_post.conf musiconhold.conf sip_nat.conf digium_phones iax_general_additional.conf musiconhold_custom.conf sip_notify_additional.conf enum.conf iax_general_custom.conf phone.conf sip_notify.conf extensions_additional.conf iax_registrations.conf phpagi.conf sip_notify_custom.conf extensions.conf iax_registrations_custom.conf privacy.conf sip_registrations.conf extensions_custom.conf indications.conf queues_additional.conf sip_registrations_custom.conf extensions_custom.conf.sample localprefixes.conf queues.conf version extensions_override_freepbx.conf logger.conf queues_custom.conf features_applicationmap_additional.conf logger.conf1 queues_custom_general.conf features_applicationmap_custom.conf logger_general_additional.conf queues_general_additional.conf voicemail.conf features.conf logger_general_custom.conf queues_post_custom.conf voicemail.conf.template features_featuremap_additional.conf logger_logfiles_additional.conf res_digium_phone_additional.conf zapata.conf.template

and my sip users are registred in the sip_additional.conf file…

Well i found how to see the online users, that solved my problem;
sip show peers