Agents doesn't work

Hi everyone! how you are having a good time.

I need some help, I am not getting anything about agents in asterisk, “agents show” doesnt work in the CLI, autocomplete not even work with agent… also, it doesnt recognize Agents Action thru AMI. I have tested many 1.8.X and the new 10.X asterisk and it doesnt work, I think it has to be with the installation process or something I am missing.

Thanks in advanced! :unamused:

Please I really need help here, I don’t know why can’t I use agents commands in CLI and neither AgentsAction works thru AMI, it’s like asterisk doesn’t know anything about agents and they dont exist

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Did you configure it in with menuconfig?

Do you have a valid agents.conf file?

Did you have any relevant error messages when it was starting?

What happens if you do:

module load chan_agent

Do you have autoload set in modules.conf?

Are there any references to chan_agent there?