Stuck Channels (sip show channels)

Asterisk version =

I previously encounter this problem and resolved by just restarting asterisk but this time even restarting asterisk wont help and also rebooting the machine. even without calls the number of active channels still populates, and sometimes even the loopback address ( participate to be on count to the active channels, the greater the number of active channels the slower the asterisk in terms of response, so far the peak number of channels i have seen is more than 10,000 and the asterisk became unresponsive. Pls help. Thanks in advance.


I think you need to check your logfiles and update your firewall, it looks like you are suffering from an attack


Additionally, the current version of 1.4 is 1.4.37. If this were to escalate to the issue tracker, you’d have to reproduce it on a current version first.

Can you guys suggest effective FW rules, i test a lot of rules still the problem occur. Thanks in advance

Is my version of asterisk has a bug and suggest to upgrade to a new one?

Suggested firewall rule is deny all for UDP port 5060 and 5061. Anything else requires knowledge of your system.

Your version of Asterisk will have hundreds of known bugs, including known security bugs.