Ghost sip channels

need help !

I have installed asterisk version 1.2 and a few days later, i checked in the asterisk CLI and i got a lot of sip ghost channels stucked in asterisk interface, something about 25 sip active channels, at the same time we were doing only 4 sip calls, does anyone have any idea what´s going on ?
thank´s for the help.

try to hangup the calls at the cli maybe

it´s helping, the only problem is having to do that all the time mannualy :frowning:

Are they coming back after you hang them up?
I tried to do ‘help hangup’ in the cli not sure how to hangup all open sip calls at once. Might check the voip wiki.

Your not in sip debug mode are you? If you are and your in the CLI your gonna see them talking back to the asterisk even if they arent connected every now and then.
At the CLI do “sip no debug”

BTW to turn it back on do “sip debug”

Did that help?

it´s happening even in normal mode (no sip debug), i´m checking also in, anyway, thank´s for your help my friend !