Calls not terminating

Hi Hopefully somebody can help me, i after an asterisk box configured and yesterday i had an issue where calls from desk phones stopped. after a little investigation sip show channels showed around 25 calls with a last message of BYE.

my asterisk version is and the phones with the issue are working in a remote location behind a nat’s network they onyl way i was able to clear the calls was to restart asterisk.
at the minute i dont have any calls but the server will get busy again mid morning so i can get log details etc


If your “sip show channelstats” command is showing 0 active channels when “sip show channels” shows multiple channels with a last message of BYE, you might be getting the same problem as me.

My observation of my case is that the ACK message sent by the IP phone (that is a reply to the BYE) is not received by the Asterisk server, so it does not clear the channel completely and it is shown in “sip show channels”.

I think there is not solution on Asterisk side. Try to do some improvements on your network side, so the packets will not be lost.

Hi Appreciate the Responce,

im not sure what i can do all of my sip phones are at remote locations that i have no control over, Asterisk is Nat’d with ports 5060 and RTP 10k-20k do i require anything else to be open ?

Not for BYE. For RTP you need all UDP ports open outbound. The problem is probably with the remote side’s NAT.

Note that the BYEs should time out after 32 seconds. If that is not happening, there is a bug.

The only way i can clear the BYE’s is with a service restart, a reload does not clear the issue what would be the best thing to do update to the latest version ? currently im version what is the update process ?

The current 1.8 series version is

Download it, and extract it. Run ./configure. Optionally copy your menuconfig.makeopts file. Run make menuconfig, and adjust as needed. Run make. Run make install.

If you used svn, you can use svn switch.

I can’t help, if you used a package, but one hopes the standard package upgrade procedure won’t break anything.

no i installed from source, ive downloaded the latest branch of v1.8 and il report back with my finding thanks again dave

Hi David

i ran the update last night so im im running up untill thinks look great :smile: