Asterisk Stop Responding

Hai Everyone.

I am using the Asterisk 16 Version on my centos servers. I have the SIP trunk from telecom operator(No Firewall between Server and Telecom SBC), SIP extension registerd on IP Phone, and LoopBack SIP trunk( on servers.

I have noticed that all of the SIP Peers are going unreachable (Including Loopback IP peers and telecom SIP) and getting reachable after 3-4 Minutes.

Can anyone help to understand the issue? Is this something my asterisk SIP is getting hang?

Which SIP channel driver? Have you done a packet capture to examine the traffic?

Am using the chan_sip,

In the SIP trunk i have SIP trunk with loop back IP, even that SIP trunk is also going unreachable during the time.

[Apr 13 12:51:24] DEBUG[28703] devicestate.c: No provider found, checking channel drivers for SIP - 44201

Am getting the below error debug log
[Apr 13 12:51:34] DEBUG[15501][C-000002f3] netsock2.c: Splitting ‘’ into…
[Apr 13 12:51:34] DEBUG[15501][C-000002f3] netsock2.c: …host ‘’ and port ‘’.
[Apr 13 12:51:34] DEBUG[29092] chan_sip.c: Trying to put ‘OPTIONS sip’ onto UDP socket destined for
[Apr 13 12:51:34] DEBUG[28725] manager.c: Examining AMI event:

SIP Trunk is keep on getting fluctuate : ALl extension was going unreachable st same time and after 4-5 min again it coming back UP

Then you’ll need to isolate the problem. Determine if it is somehow network level, or actually Asterisk, then go from there.

Its my loopback IP trunk( is also going unreachable during this time. So its will not be a network issue right ?

How can I identify or monitor if the asterisk sip stack is working properly ?

You could get a backtrace of the running process[1] and see if chan_sip is hung somewhere for some reason. Note though that chan_sip is community supported, so if there is some kind of problem then it is up to the community to solve it and there is no timeframe on when it would occur or if it would occur.


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