Station Hunting

I have 4 analog stations running of a SPA8800. Ext 2820, 2821, 2822, and 2823.

I would like them to hunt.

if I call 2820 and it is busy, now ring 2821, and so on.

These are not ACD users, just plain old telephones.

Any help would be great.

Firstly, you are making a support question, not a general question. So this is the wrong forum.

Secondly, your question is a basic as they come. If you want to do interesting things with Asterisk, you first need to get to know it. For that you need to do some work on your part:

Thanks, i know this should be basic, but it is kicking my A$$.

I have looked in that doc, there is nothing about station hunting of any kind.
I have looked on the web only to find answers telling me to put them in a queue group.
I will move my question to support, maybe someone can answer it there.

Seriously guys why don read th book, this are basic stuff, and if you really read the book you can do it.

Just use the dial applicattion.