PSTN Based SOHO Setup Advice


We’re a UK based company that is relocating to a larger office in a few weeks time, and are taking this opportunity to move away from BT’s FeatureLine and delve into the world of Asterisk!

We’re planning on using a SIP phone for each desk throughout the office, and initially having 4 analogue lines to connect to the PSTN - through a TDM400P or TDM800P. We have an 0845 non-geographic number that we will be receiving calls on, that will be pointing to one of the lines. What we are not clear on however, is what sort of lines we should order from BT in order for us to be able to receive calls on each line, in a hunt group fashion. So when the primary line is busy the call is routed to the secondary, and so on.

Is it possible to configure Asterisk, or any PBX for that matter, to do the hunting? Or is this something that would need to be configured at the telco beforehand?

I’ve been playing around with dialplans and a few SIP phones at home and am convinced that Asterisk is the way to go, but just want to make sure we will be able to get the desired setup before ordering any hardware/lines etc.

Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


That is a telco matter correct.

Welcome to asterisk!