Inbound vs Outbound

good afternoon all.

We’ve been running Asterisk as a main PBX for about 6 months. We are currently connected to the PSTN via a Digium TDM card.

We are running into a problem were outbound calls are picking up inbound calls. This happens only rarely, but it seems to annoy people enough.

Our outbound dial plan basically looks like

exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial,Zap/g1/${EXTEN}

Zap G1 looks like

channel =>20
channel =>19
channel =>18
channel =>17
channel =>16
channel =>15
channel =>14
channel =>13

Out of sheer frustation, I’ve experimented with the order of the lines as specified in zapata.conf to no avail.

Bell sends the calls via hunt-group, starting at channel 13 till 20… I’d like all outgoing calls to start in reverse order, mitigating this answering an inbound call on an outgoing call.


Just a thought: would ChanIsAvail() help? I have no experience in this. You may also set GROUP() in s,1 and reset it after caller give up and in h,1, then do your own GROUP() check before Dial(). No experience with GROUP, either. But if I’m desperate, I’ll set and check my own flag, perhaps in AstDB.

have you tried using Dial(ZAP/G0/${EXTEN}) instead, which uses channels from the top, working back down. it’s not perfect, but it usually stops this kind of cross-over, depending on your call volume.

Ok, let me try that. Its after-hours enough now that no one should notice.


Ok… the important part of baconbuttie post was the CAPITAL G instead of g.

Thanks for the tip.