Upgrading from key system to asterisk, help with tdm400 4fxo

I have trixbox running on a decent machine and have a tdm400 with 4 fxo. Things are working great so far. I have been able to hook up 1 of the fxo modules to the pstn and make outgoing calls as well as receive incoming.

I am limited to how many lines I can test at once because of our maintenance window, IE I can’t test on multiple lines for incoming and outgoing at any given point.

2 Questions:

  1. When creating trunks, do I need to create one for each fxo module? Do I need a Zap/gX for each module?

  2. We have a main line (lets call it 000-0001), how does this line stay open, IE some one calls and it gets flipped to one of our additional lines plugged into the fxo (lets say 000-0002), that way if another person calls on the main line the call will still get picked up rather than ring busy. ANd then how do I go about going in the reverse direction for outgoing calls? Like have the first outgoing call using the third line (000-0003) or if that line is in use hop to another.

Hopefully this makes sense.

you can put all of your zap channels into the same group and then just add one trunk (ZAP/g1) via the web interface. asterisk will take care of grabbing a free line.

your telco needs to configure the hunt group for incoming calls so that if one line is busy the calls comes into the next open channel. asterisk will worry about outgoing calls.

So if our current system is already doing the hunt grouping, I should be cool?

ice-cool. :smiley:

if you want to reverse the selection of channels for outgoing calls, use Zap/G1 instead. there are other options, but i can never remember them !