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Hello All,

I know you might have seen such post in the post in the past but please would come one suggest me the cost of setting up a call center on Asterix technology with Predictive dialier, voice recording and transfer capability.

I am already running a call center on hoseted PD based in Canada.

Please suggest me the best inhouse system and cost.

Nigel Fulford

The costs depend on where you are located in the world, if you need hardware for the servers/client/phones, how many seats you are setting up and how pretty you want things to look. If you can specify that I can tell you a ballpark.

As for software, there are about 6 different predictive dialers out there that run on Asterisk. 2 of them are free and GPL(VICIDIAL and GnuDialer) and the other 4 are offered on a licensing cost per seat or server model.

Will you have an IT staff to maintain the system or are you looking for a total solution provider to maintain your system?


We are asterisk developer. We have done a research in vicidial and setup many call center for companies. We have also done various projects in modification in asterisk like application for answering machine detection, fax detection, node lookup and also video conferencing in asterisk.

We had also created an application which broadcast the numbers in the database at a moment and plays a files which we need to play to all those numbers in the database at any given time specify in the database. That`s means u can play the files to for more than 500 users in a single minute.

We can help you in setting up the VICIDIAL for your call center.

We have done a lot research in Asterisk. We can work for you remotely.
You can contact me on :


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