Need help regarding a future call center

Hello, and thank you for reading this post.
I wish to start a new call center, I have already worked in this industry, and the companies I worked for all use paid or custom-built software. I want to start my new company and I am searching online for some open source projects, and Asterisk is one among the long list of free software that does this job.
My questions are:

  1. What do I need to set up a call center? (voIP).
  2. How much does it cost to build such a system.
  3. Is Asterisk the solution I need?

Thank you again for reading this and will look forward to reading your answers.
Enjoy your day.

This is the wrong place to ask these questions. You’ll find mainly enthusiasts here, although quite a few actually know very well what you’re talking about. You’ll probably have to pay to get the kind of commercial service you want, or you’ll have to learn everything from scratch yourself.

But i think i can find people who had the same questions as mine and managed to build a call center.

I find that people with a business orientation don’t stay around in forums like this, although that may be less true of the FreePBX forum.

it all depends …
the simplest call center I have seen, could be made from scratch in 1-2 hours and the most complete a 10 man team 6 month
you can make it with Asterisk or with FreePBX, Switchvox, FreeSwitch, Yate, Cisco, Mitel or …
it all depend on how mutch mutch you want to do yourself vs turn key solution and where you can get developers that are expertness VoIP and your chosen platform

Because it costs a lot of money and/or time to write good call center software :slight_smile:

Note that you ask questions without providing any details about the number of seats, simultaneous calls, predictive dialing methodologies, feature set, what resources you have available (your skill level, your employee’s skills, your bank balance), etc.

Designing a ‘call center’ to (hypothetically) meet the needs for you and your cousin to make a few bucks on weekends is different than ‘I want to build a call center system capable of handling 2,000 agents making x calls per minute and capturing data to build reports detailing x, y, and z’ or ‘I want to build a call center software system capable of supporting multiple clients with multiple campaigns with physical ‘boiler rooms’ on different continents to accommodate different legal requirements with five-nines uptime.’

Your lack of specificity implies you may be over your skis :slight_smile:

Do you have some ‘world beating’ feature that all other call center systems have missed or are you looking to replicate an existing system and think your path to success is to out-market the incumbent?

What exactly are you trying to do?

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