Some help please


before I go spend 30grand on sys gear for invoicing and switching - I need to ask soem questions.

I want to setup a system to enable at most 1000 calls to come through my system, get billed etc, and terminate the calls through to a carrier.

Can I use a Asterisks box connected to a decent size line to do the billing interface and as a gateway so all calls are directed to an out side carrier?How many calls per server can they handel?
What kind of line do you need for at most a 1000 VOIP calls,

Do you need any switch’s etc, or just line in - server - billing server - line out to carrier ?

Youru help would be much apprieciated


I doubt there is any hardware that can handle 1000 calls at a time. You would need to spread the calls out over multiple boxes if you want quality. As far as your question’s, yes asterisk can do call of it.

30k and you want to do all that? You better hope that you can make Asterisk work for you, becuase when you start pricing telecom specific gear, your budget is going to dry up VERY quickly.

First find your market, Then qualify it, Then simple maths will tell you what size pipe you need. But if you “realy” think you are going to be handling 1000 concurrent calls 30K isnt going to be enough.

Ok. So lets say down the track I have half the austalian market routing through our systems - then we would have a whole bunch of rack mount servers with astericks and a very 10meg dedicated pipe - what directs the initial traffic to the servers, some kind of load balancing switch?

The solution searching for is to start small - hook up our 3 major companies to the system, and then advertise the service - exppand the datacenter as required.

Thats the scope if the big picture - now for right now - getting started asap, we will hook up a sever 512/512 line to it, and use it as a billing system and gateway to the termination provider for our 3 main companies - handeling an astimate 10 calls at once

Does that sound right? a good way to start this rolling?

Many thanks

What is 512/512 ? 512 kbps ? You wont have good quality on that. For 10 concurent calls you dont need 30k. You need one server. As your biz grows you expand.