Blended call center?

I will launch an outsourced call center, and I was just wondering if * can support blended calls. I will have both inbound and outbound campaigns, and that would help me a lot.
Also, I am a newbie, so I would ask you to suggest what kind of hardware you use. I will have 25 seats first. What will be the required hardware, and what are the estimated costs?
Thanks a lot,

You will need an add-on to Asterisk to be able to handle outbound dialing for your call center.

There are two Open-Source projects that offer this:
Gnudialer -

Both projects allow for load-balancing of agents and calls across multiple servers for easy expansion and better efficiency.

We use VICIDIAL, and with 25 agents. At a low dial level you could get by with a P4 3.2GHz/2GB RAM server with a quad T1 card for about USD$4000.00. You will need computers for the agents, I would recommend at least 500MHz with at least 128MB RAM.