Running FreePBX remotely from Asterisk server?

Since I never was a Linux user, I had all the trouble in the world getting asterisk installed (let alone installed on my Linksys WRT54GL router), but it isn’t really running because I still got no clue of what Im doing.

However, I got to be very comfortable with, which to my understanding is the FreePBX GUI.

Now my Asterisk server is severly limited on space (WRT54GL) and CPU power, so I’d like to NOT install FreePBX on it. I would prefer to run FreePBX on my laptop, but it would remotely configure the Asterisk server.

Is that possible? - But I dont want to waste your time, just point me to guides or the right direction

  • If it is, is there a specific part of a specific guide I can read to find out how?

  • If it is not possible, can someone point me to a really dumb guide for non-linux user.

All the guides I found are written for Asterisk newbies who already are comfortable with Linux, but I am not a Linux user.
I JUST WANT is a simple step by step guide for a standard template configuration (1 extension, 1 trunk) and Ill figure out the rest for myself once I got this 1 extension and trunk working.

I know this is my first post, but I think Ill stick around, I got many ideas to save money for my friends, family and myself on mobile phone costs :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all
I hope I found the right forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok So you have Asterisk on the WRT. all you now need to do is edit the relevent conf files. to do this you will need puTTY or a similar ssh termial.

The fact that you have installed * on Linux is no excuse to not edit the conf files. With the wrt you will need to keep the dialplan as tight as possible as you have limited space and power.

[quote]All the guides I found are written for Asterisk newbies who already are comfortable with Linux, but I am not a Linux user. [/quote] If you have Linux and Asterisk installed it doesnt matter what its installed on, You are just editing text files what you do have to understand is the dialplan, and this is in no way connected or needing a knowledge of linux. even vim exists as a windows editor.

have a look at and there are loads of examples there


but FreePBX is as far from being a PBX as PEPS is from an EDM machine (!!!). it’s not a PBX, it’s an Asterisk config file generator.

if you have space/machines to do it, you could run FreePBX on another machine, and as part of the Asterisk reload process therein, copy the config files to your WRT and reload that instance of Asterisk instead.

My apology’s, I assumed that when you installed FreePBX it installed a flavour of asterisk at the same time. I did not realise it was completely seperate application that did not need the PBX application running on the same machine as it.

Sorry for a stupid answer, please ignore it.


Id like to precise that I do not run linux on my computer. The asterisk server runs on my router. My router runs DD-WRT (linux based firmware). Because it a very limited piece of hardware, I can only making my changes through the telnet console.

I wanted to run PBX on my laptop and have it directly affect my router’s settings (though now I realize that PBX will surely not run on my laptop since I run windows XP).

So im stuck at an impass anyways where Ill have to do all the work through the conf files.