Asterisk with freepbx

what is freePBX?
is it just a web server that interconnects with asterisk in order to do some configurations at GUI not by modifying asterisk configuration files (pjsip,extensions,ā€¦) in an indirect way?
so in this way if i added a user from gui at freepbx i must see this modification at asterisk configuration files as well right?
do u recommend installing freepbx?

FreePBX is a PABX application based on the Asterisk telephony toolkit and other software.

In particular, it contains a lot of programming, in the Asterisk dialplan language, to create various abstractions on top of the Asterisk primitives. The presence of this programming is assumed by the configuration generated by the GUI.

I would always advise learning how to configure bare Asterisk, then look at FreePBX and see if your particular intended usage falls within the limits of the abstractions it supports. That will mean, if you move to FreePBX, you will understand what it is doing, and be better able to debug. It will also be essential knowledge if you have to customise FreePBX beyond the limits of the GUI.

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oh yes! that is exactly what m i doin!
after nearly a year of programming asterisk,doing my own different scenarios,debugging and solving the problems that i faced. i think i am now able to move into a GUI. but let me ask this one last time: if i used freepbx i will still be able to do some modifications at pjsip.cong directly if needed right? and i will still be able to write my own dialplan not to be strict to their choices and the applications that they support right? and i will still be able to enter asterisk CLI in order to debug and check if everything is okay?
thanks @david551

A better place to ask would be

There is some ability to do what you want, but Iā€™m not sufficiently sure of the limitations to attempt an answer myself.

Any custom configuration has to be done in separate files, which are included by the generated configuration that goes into the standard files.

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correct just you need for your own extended config it should not get overwritten when applying config from freepbx

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then i can still have all my asterisk privileges along with GUI! m i getting it right ?

david551 is correct and explain very well
99% with some work around when needed |

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Thanks to both of you

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