Migrating to new system

Hi guys & gal’s,

I have an existing Asterisk setup running in a VM, based on the FreePBX distro. Obviously a VM is not the ideal setup, but it was enough to get me going & to kick some tyres.

I now got myself a bunch of Raspberry Pi’s & plan on moving my existing setup over to a dedicated device, based on Incredible Pi (a PiaF spin) - the image stack is based on Debian 6, Asterisk 1.8, and FreePBX 2.10.

My existing Asterisk/FreePXB setup is functional, but the GUI is all screwy.
Also, not all Asterisk/FreePBX-based releases come equipped with the backup/recovery modules.

Are there any tools that can aide in backing a backup of all the relevant data - configs & db - in CLI, and allow me to reload it all correctly in the remote end? Maybe a CLI-version of the Backup & Restore module?

In the mean time, what do I need to extract from my old host & bring across to my new once to have a fully-functional PBX again?

For Asterisk, /etc/asterisk and every directory referenced from it. For FreePBX, you will have to ask on a FreePBX forum, it may will include configuration files from other directories for its Asterisk configuration, and have its own configuration, elsewhere.