New install on a new VPS - which versions?

Hi All,
Back in 2008 I had an old server with Asterisk installed. I’ve started a new business now and I’m looking to install a new PBX to run my switchboard etc.

I’ve bought a new CentOS 6.6 VPS located in a remote location but I’m not sure what I need to install on it. I’ve read that I need free PBX and Asterisk installed, but I’m looking for some advice.

I’m logging on to my remote VPS server via command line SSH but is there a way of accessing a GUI on the new server so I can admin the PBX? … CentOS+6.5

Have in mind , If you choose to install FreePBX any issue has to addressed through their support forum

Hi, Thanks for the info - Is that freepbx instead of using Asterisk?

Will it be much different to using Asterisk?

FreePBX it is just GUI for build and Administrate a PBX system based on Asterisk. If you choose to install plain Asterisk, you will need to do your own configuration editing the Asterisk configurations files usually located on /etc/asterisk/

The reason that you would need to get support from the FreePBX people is that it auto-generates a very complex dialplan, and imposes other restrictions, that only they understand. It also constructs various high level constructs which don’t have any explicit existence in Asterisk itself.