Rouge Call Files stoping asterisk from proccesing more

Hey All, Need some help on this one.

What I have… A PHP script that creates .call files and puts them in a tmp dir. I then have a ruby script that will mv (not cp) them into asterisk spool outgoing dir 2 at a time (that is the number of outgoing channels I have available).

What works… This works great most of the time.

What does not work… Lets say out of 50 call files 2 get “stuck” in the outgoing dir and not get processed by asterisk. This causes asterisk to stop proccesing call files and you know the rest. It should be noted that if I rm these two problem call files 2 more get mv into the outgoing dir and asterisk keeps processing them and all is well.

Now I did notice that when the call files are moved into the outgoing dir. The data modified changes to the time the file is moved and asterisk reads that as being in the past and process it. Every time two call files get stuck in there they always have the date modified as when the file was created up to 6 hours prior.

So my running thought is that asterisk ingorns tease because they are so far in the past. Is it a problem with linux mv command or should asterisk just act on any call file it see regardless of the age. Hope that made sence to someone. Any thoughts would be grate. Thanks!!