Outgoing call file suddenly stoped and dont work

Hello Everybody,
I had created the huge number of call files (30000 file) in my temp folder and then move intervaly them (fifteen every 30 seconds) into outgoing folder (/var/spool/asterisk/outgoing), Every thing was okay, and outgoing call was created successfully for one week without any problem,
But suddenly, this process is stopped and dont work properly. when i copy or move explicit the simple call file into outgoing folder asterisk, do not anything and the call dont generate. In CLI command nothings happen.
I restart asterisk server and reload pbx_spool.so, But dont solve. my call files are created have asterisk ownership with 777 permission.
I dont know what is my problem, Do the huge number of call files causes this problem occure ?
Thanks with regards.mespio

I solved this problem.
before i use winscp to copy call file to outgoing folder, this way is not true way. it’s better to use mv or cp command in linux. :smile: