Callfile is not detecting

Hai everyone,
Hai everyone i am working in asterisk- I had problem with asterisk call-files.When i move one asterisk call files to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing directory calls are going fine.If I am processing with mulitple file sometimes asterisk missing one file for scanning and that file will processed only when next file created inside the directory. Sometimes only the problem is coming.

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Hello Andrew,

I suppose you will need to update your asterisk version to the last one , I worked recently with auto dial file with this asterisk version and had no problem.

I hope it will help.

Or, if you are not locked into 1.6.x for some reason, to 1.8.7 the latest supported released one (1.6.x is no longer supported, and 1.6.1 is not even receiving security fixes).