Asterisk call files

Can anybody can tell the stability of using asterisk system by using the call files…
normally if we place a file with .call extension in the spool directory , will make a call to the specified number and context specified in the file…my question is suppose we have a 60channels of e1 card and we r placing a 1000 files in the spool…what will happen to it…???
can anybody can help me…

i just read about the possibility of asterisk choking on too many .call files last night…not sure how relevant it is to your current version or if anyone knows any other tips that aren’t listed on the wiki.

if i were to guess, if you put 1000 files in the directory they would be processed according to the date which will be in effect fifo queuing. as soon as a free channel would become available the next file would be processed.

i use .call files for my web service and i would also like to know if there are going to be any issues with 1.4 choking. i however am limited by the call quality since i am using an iax2/sip provider trunk that has unlimited channels available. … o-dial+out

If you move (not copy) 1000 call files in the outgoing dir Asterisk will grab them and tries to make the phonecall. If this fails, f.i. because there is no line available, it will take the pause you add to the call file and tries again until the number of tries you add is met. Then the call file is removed without a call.

When moving 1000 call files it is a good idea not to do this with one command but with a little pause in between, f.i. 1 second.

If you use a script to make the call file make the call file in another dir then the outgoing dir and moves them. Asterisk grabs this file very agressive so there is a change that a file is grabbed before it is finished. The same with copying, the file can be grabbed before the writing is finished

Thanks for the reply…i think it will work…bez i had tired the it with mv and and cp command
for moving the filies in to the outgoing directory…when i tried the mv it was working…later i used cp and foget to use this mv command…any the reply was help for me…and the got the exact the differnce in the working between the mv and cp command…