Call files in outgoing folder not being immediately processed

My asterisk pbx tooks a long time to process call files in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing folder, many of them stay there for around 10 minutes. Are there any limit need to be extended or some solutions to fix this problem?
further tries: chmod 777 before copy to outgoing folder
asterisk version 18.4.0

Please let me know, appreciate all helps.

What are we supposed to see on the screen dumps?

can you do this
also do not post the result as pictures you should use “</> formatted code”

ls -la --time-style=full-iso ; date

checking timestamp, because if you add a file that has a date/hr in the future asterisk will wait until then

also from a safety point of view you should not run asterisk as root

Suggestion: do “ls -lA” instead of “ls -la”. That way you get files beginning with “.”, but excluding the useless “.” and “..” entries.

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