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hello guys,
i want to install asterisk without these 3 apps: chanspy, extenspy and mixmonitor.
chanspy and mixmonitor were listed in the menuselect under applications section.
but i could not find extenspy. so is it just extended from chanspy? which means if i did not install chanspy then it would not be there?

Chanspy, Extenspy, and Mixmonitor are three different applications in the Asterisk telephony platform, each serving distinct purposes:

  1. Chanspy: Allows a user to listen in on an active channel or bridge. It’s often used for monitoring calls for training or quality assurance purposes.
  2. Extenspy: This is indeed an extension of Chanspy. It allows a user to listen in on an extension, rather than just a channel. It’s useful for monitoring specific extensions within a telephony system.
  3. Mixmonitor: This application is used for call recording. It records both sides of a conversation to a specified file.

If you don’t want to install these applications while setting up Asterisk, you can simply omit them during the installation process. If they were listed in the menuselect under applications section, you could deselect them. If Extenspy wasn’t listed separately but is considered an extension of Chanspy, then not installing Chanspy would likely prevent Extenspy functionality as well.

So, to answer your question, if you didn’t install Chanspy, it’s likely that you wouldn’t have access to Extenspy functionality either, assuming Extenspy is indeed dependent on Chanspy. However, you could verify this by consulting the Asterisk documentation or community resources to confirm the dependencies between these applications.

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Danish Hafeez | QA Assistant

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big thanks. i will deselect chanspy and i will check if this would remove extenspy as well.

ChanSpy and ExtenSpy are part of the same module, app_chanspy. Underneath all of the logic is the same except how it finds the channels to spy on.

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That’s correct. app_chanspy.c also defines extenspy:

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