Reg, Chanspy Application

hai dears,
i need to develope an application for Asterisk, the IP PBX. It will provide the functionnality Active Listening to Asterisk.
What is active listening?

An operator is in talking with a client on the telephone. A manager listens to the conversation, hearing both the operator and client, and can speak to the operator (to advise him for example). The client cannot hear the manager.
Passive listening:
an operator is in conversation with a client
a manager can hear both the operator and client in the comunication
(already possible with an application called ? chanspy ?)

please tell me how can i code it in c or already possible any other applications,please let me know dears,

thanks in advance

there’s been a bounty for “channel whispering” for some time, and you’ll be pleased to know that the application ChanSpy in either trunk or the 1.4 releases has this functionality now.

if you’re using 1.2.x then you are limited to simple spying with no interaction available. (anyone tried compiling the 1.4 ChanSpy with 1.2 ??)