Anyone help me

hai dears,
i need to develope an application for Asterisk, the IP PBX. It will provide the functionnality Active Listening to Asterisk.
What is active listening?

An operator is in talking with a client on the telephone. A manager listens to the conversation, hearing both the operator and client, and can speak to the operator (to advise him for example). The client cannot hear the manager.
Passive listening:
an operator is in conversation with a client
a manager can hear both the operator and client in the comunication
(already possible with an application called ? chanspy ?)

please tell me how can i code it in c or already possible any other applications,please let me know dears,

thanks in advance

was the first thread you posted not good enough ?

i want to know wether chanspy1.4 will work in asterisk 1.2
and also how to config chanspy application in extensions.config

please reply

will the 1.4 version work in 1.2 ? no.

how to configure ? really ? you can’t work it out from CLI> show application ChanSpy ??

exten => 800,1,Answer exten => 800,n,Wait(1) exten => 800,n,ChanSpy() exten => 800,n,Hangup

in extensions.config ur mentioned some code
like extern=> …it’s only enough or any other code needed and also let me know is there hardware device required…
my important qustions is how to to develop asterisk applications in linux,please tell me like gcc compiler and wether it is vi or emacs …etc
and also how cab ensure and define suppose i 've 3 channels

please do reply,thanx,nsthir

if the example i posted doesn’t make sense to you, don’t even consider writing apps for Asterisk until you’ve got to grips with the system as a user. go read the sticky at the top of the forum, then look in your Asterisk source for app_skel.c … read and learn.

although to be frank, if you need to ask what editor to use, you probably aren’t ready for development just yet.

now i’m perparing design doc and just i wnt to know whiich editor asterisk originally developed …necause i’m new to the asterisk

is it possible to modify chanspy 1.4 will work in asterisk 1.2.0.
because my application interface to asterisk 1.2 only.
please reply

is it possible ? probably. if you can’t do it, then perhaps you should start by contacting the original dev. have a look at the source and you’ll find the dev and his email address.

the chances are someone else is also working on a backport as it was frequently requested functionality.