Can ChanSpy() do this?

Hi All,

I want to be able to listen in (or barge in) and when needed take over the conversation between my Agents and the Customers.

With a Call Centre Setup with Asterisk (Presently working as I type), I can use ChanSpy() with the q switch to Listen in quietly the conversation between my Agents and Customers (I can hear both parties). I can also use the w switch to wisper to my Agents. (i.e exten => 11,1,ChanSpy(${AGENT_CODE}|qw))). Now, what switch can I use to talk to both my Agent and the Customer. If none, what other application can I use?

I have been trying to use MeeMe() for some time now, but I keep getting hanged up when I tried starting the MeetMe Conference even if I have everything setup properly.

I hope I can get a swich to use with ChanSpy() to achieve this.

Cheers to All.

Can anyone please share ideas on this. I need this stuff to work ASAP.

Cheers to All.

what asterisk version are you using?

I am using asterisk- & zaptel-