Call Snooping?

Reading from Asterisk’s website, it mentions a feature called ‘Call Snooping’, yet does not give any indication as to what it is? Is it just the ability for an administrator to listen in on a MeetMe conference call through selected options? Or is it something completely different.

As well, on a slightly related topic. A colleague of mine is convinced there is a feature called ‘whispering’ that essentially allows for a situation like that mentioned above, except that 2 people could be having a conversation (say person A and person B), and person C could be listening in on the conversation, yet at the same time talking to person A without person B hearing anything. Is there such a feature? I have yet to find it.


Here is what I have done recently. It allowd Caller A and Caller B to be on a phone call and allow Caller C to hop on and listen in on the conversation. Nor Caller A or Caller B will hear Caller C though.

Link to Wiki: … %20ChanSpy

First Example - Allow Listener to Spy on Any SIP Channel Starting with 31
exten => 555,1,Authenticate(1234)
exten => 555,n,ChanSpy(SIP/31|q)

Second Example - Allow Listener to Spy on Any SIP Channel
exten => 556,1,Authenticate(1234)
exten => 556,n,ChanSpy(all|q)


Yeah, I have used a similar setup using ZapScan and ZapBarge (as I cannot seem to get chanspy to work, even when compiling it myself and adding it to the folder when I do a new make of asterisk… and I’m too lazy to get the CVS version).

I’ll just give digium a call and ask them about the feature.



Have you had any success with support? I want to use ChanSpy to monitor quality of the calls. When I use my softphone I get garbled or no sound at all.

Funny though that when I dial-in from my cellphone with DISA access it works just fine.

any clues?



Hi I’m trying to run the chanspy application in my asterisk server. I can see that some of you have been using this application for a while.

Can you tell me almost step by stop how can i make this work.

I am running asterisk@home 1.5 with asterisk 1.0.9.

I apréciate your help.


you will need a current version of asterisk from the source tree. None of the distributions have the ChanSpy application included as far as I know.

As mentioned in a previous post though I am having problems using it when I come from another SIP phone. I have garbled sound or complete silence.




After quite a while I can answer my own question though to why my ChanSpy never worked when using from a SIP phone connected to asterisk but worked fine dialing in from outside using DISA:

ChanSpy will only send you sound if you’re sending sound to asterisk. Thus if you have SilenceSuppression turned on in the SIP phone then your sound from ChanSpy will be garbled.