Need help for application chanspy()

Hello everybody,
This is my first time in this forum. I have a question for you all. I’m developping a call center which is based on Elastix. In this call center i use the application chanspy() of Asterisk to allow a supervisor to listen in a conversation or whisper to an agent. I just want to know if I can mix these 2 functions in one, that mean on a same channel, I can toggle between listen and whisper without re-demand the server to create for me a channel eache time. I think of 2 methods but I still have the solution :
1 - Deactivate simply the microphone of supervisor (but if we do this, we have to take control of the softphone, and deactive its mircophone, it seems complicated :frowning:, I prefer a solution on the server side.
2 - [size=150]Mute the channel[/size] between the supervisor and the spied agent (so the supervisor cannot talk to the agent) and [size=150]unmute the channel [/size] when he want.
I prefer the 2nd solution, I have searched on internet but I cannot find a method or an application of Asterisk to mute a channel, although I think it’s feasible. Can you show me how to do?
Thank you a lot for your help :smiley: .