Queues: Priority with 2 queues? How does it work?

If I have an agent who is logged into 2 queues simultaneously, Queue A and Queue B, how does priority take effect?
I.e. Let’s say a caller comes into Queue A with a Priority of 1 and a caller comes into Queue B with a priority of 10 at the same time, will the agent logged into both the queues receive the call from Queue B first since it’s priority is higher?
Basically I am in a situation where I run 2 different queues and need to make sure that calls in one queue have a higher priority over the other queue.

I assume you are referring to the ‘queue_prio’ variable. If so then no it doesn’t affect which caller the agent will receive. The queue_prio variable is only used to determine where to put the caller in the queue. If you had 2 inbound calls to a single queue and call A had a queue_prio of 1 and call B had a queue_prio of 15, call B would be inserted to the 1st position pushing back call A to the 2nd position even if call A had gotten into the queue first.

I believe what you want is the ‘weight’ setting for your 2 queues which is set in queues.conf.