Queue Priority Distribution


I need to find out how callers are prioritized in multiple queues. Exp: You have 2 queues all with the same agents, in each queue you have a caller waiting in the queue, caller 1 in queue 2 waiting 30 seconds, caller 2 in queue 1 wating 15 seconds. Which caller will get processed first, will it be caller 1 that waited longer or will queue 1 be processed first since its queues has a lower alphabetical value.

Can any one assist with understand queue distribution between multiple queues?


If the queues have the same weight, the answer is indeterminate.

Each second, each queued job tries to find an agent. If there is a higher weight queue with the same agent, which also has jobs, and there are more jobs than free agents, it will skip a turn (although this begins to go wrong if you have to recurse). If not, it will take the agent.