Queue rules are not taken into account when applying queue weights

Here is a situation that I am trying to come up with a solution for. Queue A has a weight of 10 and queue B has a weight of 5. Agent #1 is a member of both queues. However, queue A has a queue rule that will increase the MAX queue penalty to allow the Agent #1 to take calls in the queue after 2 minutes. Queue A with the higher weight will need to have all waiting calls answered before the agent can take a call from queue B.

Two calls come in at the same time, one in each queue. The agent will not get the call in queue B until all calls in queue A have been answered. So the agent needs to wait two minutes before it can get the call in queue A, and then subsequently get the call in queue B.

The agent needs to be able to handle the call in queue B if its waiting on a queue rule to the higher priority queue A.

Does anybody have a work around this? NOTE: I would prefer not to move the call to anther queue, but any solution is appreciated.


Is it acceptable for the call in queue A to be handled first, before the two minutes are up ? If so, then you could scrap the weights entirely, replacing that logic with some changes to the default rule by way of the default rule override argument to the Queue() application.

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