Call waiting priority in multiple queues

I will like to find out if there is any way of processing call in different queues depending on the wait time of the calls.

For exp: I have client with 6 queues, 10 agents log into these queues, now the problem is that different queues have different callers waiting on hold. If one queue has caller waiting for 10min and another queue for 3min. How will asterisk distribute the calls to these 10 same agent as they become available in the queues? Because what we have found is that one person will have entered a queue 5 min before another one and his call is being process first rather than the person that has been holding for 10min in a different queue.


Inter-queue scheduling is primitive and won’t do what you might expect.

The most important thing to understand is that callers look for agents. Agents don’t look for callers, so there is no concentrated logic that deals with the scheduling of work for an agent.

All that Asterisk does is to check whether a queue with a higher weight may need the agent, and, even then, the logic is not accurate when there is comlex sharing of agents between queues.

I was able to convince my client to use one queue. As this was the only way to get them to understand how the queues process the calls.


Is there any change in this behavior in Asterisk 13? Is there no way to make the call in the queue with the higher wait time get served first?