Priority between calls in different queues

I’m trying to figure this out. I have agents answer calls from two
different queues. We have things set up so that these agents only
"see" one call at a time. Let’s say an agent picks up a call while
there are calls waiting in both queues. Clearly the head of one of
the queues will now start ringing through to the other agents. But
which one?

Is that something that can be configured, perhaps by saying one queue
has priority, or the older call has priority, or something different?
Or is it something non-deterministic?

I’m not actually trying to change anything. I’m just trying to figure out
what is happening. (I’m trying to analyze log files as part of
evaluating our call center’s performance.)

I tried looking at the documentation I could locate on the internet,
but I couldn’t find anything that addressed this issue. The closest
thing I could find was something about setting the queue weights, but
it didn’t say what happens when the weights are equal or not set.

Helpful explanation here:
But I realize it doesn’t describe if equal queues are chosen deterministically or not. Hopefully someone can input or you could just test it out.

The thread is associated with the queue, rather than the call, so I would expect equal weights to produce non-deterministic behaviour.

Thanks, rclarkson and david55!

rclarkson, I did see that thread, but, as you pointed it, it didn’t tell me what happens with equally weighted queues.

david55, I was kinda afraid that would be the case.

Thanks again, you two!