Queue Management

I was interested in finding out how asterisk deals with multiple Queues that all lead to the same user phones.

As an example, If we have 2 queues (Queue 1 - CD, Queue 2 - MS) setup and 2 users that belong to both of these Queues and each Queue has 1 call on hold, which one of these calls will first be transferred to the phone. Does it base it upon hold time in Queue even across multiple queues? Therefore, if the call in CD has been on hold for 5 minutes and the call in MS has been on hold for two minutes, will the CD call be transferred to the first available operator?

Please provide an answer to this questions as soon as possible.

I don’t believe wait times move across queues. The next available agent will get whatever call happens to ring him first, based on the ring delay that you setup.

However, I believe that I remember reading in the O’Reilly book that you can setup queue priority, so that if there is a user in a queue that has higher priority, that that queue will always be answered. What you could do is setup a 3rd queue of higher priority and timeout your lower queues so that the people are transfered to the high-priority queue after 5 minutes so that they don’t sit on hold too long on accident.