Transfering calls from agent to queue

Does asterisk support the transfer of calls from agent to a queue. I have 5 different queues in my scenario and blind and attended transfers work completely fine. When an agent transfers a given call it goes to another agent even though it is from a different queue. But what I am asking is when the agent transfers the call I want the call to be added into a queue and wait with the other calls in that queue( maybe we can increase its priority) rather than directly contacting an agent. (There are more than one agents in a queue).
Thank you in advance.

Asterisk transfers are to Asterisk extensions, which can connect to phones, voice announcements, IVRs, queues, etc. It won’t care whether the call is transferred to an agent or a queue.

Also note that there are several different ways in which transfers can be requested in Asterisk, although that should not be relevant to this specific question.

Hey David, Thanks for your reply,
To make my question more specific :
1: Alice calls to our company
2: Bob who is in our sales queue picks up the phone and understands that her inquiry will be solved in the billing queue
3: Bob knows a person( the extension number) in billing queue so transfers it to that specific agent
4: So the call gets transferred to that specific person ( may be attended or blind)
I want the procedure number 4 to be changed into
4: The call gets transferred to the billing queue with higher priority, hence when one agent gets free on the billing queue the next call to be answered will be Alice’s
I want to transfer a call on the wrong queue to another queue.
Thanks again!

That’s up to the person doing the transfer and the dialplan.

So the feature is already there I just need to check my dial plan.

just note that if a call is transfred to a Queue with a higher priority that other callers wating in the queue will change placein
so avoind doing this on queues that announce placment to avoid
“you are number 1 in queue” VIP is transfreed “you are number 2 in queue”
we fixed this delima with having 2 Queues with the same agents and transfer the call to the VIP queue
Queue-Billing-VIP (higher prio than Queue-Billing)

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