Question about Queue DialPlan

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in the queue In what part of the dialplan can I see when the call is delivered to the agent ?, I need to insert a macro in this point to get some information for example

Incoming Caller ID
Agent Extension

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there are many ways, You can use Queue gosub option and also Asterisk Manager events

ok, thanks for your time where i can see an example

The queue option membergosub=gosub_context_name[,arg1[,…][,argN]]
run this gosub when connected to the queue member you can override this gosub by setting the gosub option on the queue application

for example :
Queue command : Queue(support,insert,)


exten=>s,1,Noop(do whatever you need to do)

same=>n,return( ${CONNECTEDLINE(num)} ${CONNECTEDLINE(name)} )

Thanks is working, :slight_smile: you rock, one more question where i cand find a Variable list of the Queue? i try using google but the information only talk about the queue_log

You can look at

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ok, thanks for the information i see the info and now i can get the information i need thanks

One question,i am testing a context running from the queue

The context runs fine but the call takes 5 seconds to be set, why can this occur ?.

Note this same context is executed in the outgoing and incoming calls and does not happen, it only happens with the calls that enter the queue

Asterisk 1.8

By “context running from the queue”, do you mean you have a local channel as a member?

What is the contents of that context?

At which priority in the extension in that context does it stall?

Hi, i have the same problem on asterisk 1.8 i set a custom dialplan and the call take 5 seconds for establish whit te agent

Asterisk 1.8 is not supported, and hasn’t been for two and a half years.

Please explain why your problem has the same root cause, and knowing that, why you still don’t know what it is.

Please provide detailed logging, including channel technology specific logs, so that we can see exactly where the delay occurs and which party to the call is responsible for it.

Note that all Asterisk dialplans are custom; Asterisk does not come with any production dialplans.