Queue Gosub Parameter

If I pass a gosub parameter to the queue application and in the gosub context I playback an audio file, when the queue member answers the call the playback is heard in the member’s channel not the caller’s channel. The doc reads " The optional gosub parameter will run a gosub on the calling party’s channel once they are connected to a queue member" so I’m confused as to whether I’m misunderstanding the documentation or the behavior I’m seeing in my dialplan is wrong. Can anybody clarify what’s going on? I simply want to playback some added to the caller not the queue member when the member answers the call.


I am very much interested in this too, as this will solve the issue of putting the caller on hold for a while, to get the Caller’s Name, etc from Database before the member’s speak with the caller.

Any clue on this pls.

Cheers to all.