Queues, macro and parameter


I am trying to have asterisk call a macro when the agent is connected to the caller, but with a parameter

I am trying Queue(myqueue,mymacro^myarg) or Queue(myqueue,mymacro(myarg)) - no luck

Is there a way to pass a parameter ?


use the queue option membergosub=gosub_context_name[,arg1[,…][,argN]]
run this gosub when connected to the queue member you can override this gosub by setting the gosub option on the queue application

for example :
Queue command : Queue(support,insert,)


exten=>s,1,Noop(do whatever you need to do)

same=>n,return( ${CONNECTEDLINE(num)} ${CONNECTEDLINE(name)} )

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Sorry for the delay, I wanted to look at this carefully, and thanks for the answer.

I need to pass a dynamic value, a variable coming from the incoming channel, to the channel handling the leg with the agent. the membergosub is in a conf file, so I didnt find how to do this.

I’ve actually noted that the agi started via the queue app is run in the calling context, which is what I need, so I’m using this now.