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This will be probably my first post here :slight_smile: I have an issue with Queues. I looking for possibilities to put pre-connect dialplan and here i mean, something what will be execute before connect to agent but in this time while caller is waiting in queue.

On examples: Caller call on my number and is directing to queue. Queue is trying connect to agent depends on queue’s strategy. And I need put some code to check if that call on this time is allow to send any call to agent.

I have runs in bacground an AMI script which sets up permission for callers.

So question is simple. Is any possibilities to send busy for caller without hanging up the caller ?

Do you need to wait until the caller is in the queue before you determine if the caller is allowed to be in the queue?

It most likely easier to do your tests before you send the call into the queue if possible.

You could do a mix of ExecIf and ExecIfTime to see if the caller is someone you should allow through to your queue.

AMI is used to catch Astrisk events and execute remote commands on an Asterisk server, your request it is related with dial plan coding, When we are taking about conditional statement, we use GotoIF, ExecIF,ExecIftime… as was suggested you on the above post

Thank you for respond. I have few queues. And each of queues have this same agents. I need taking first calls from each queue and put them to agents. So to do this i used to AMI which is running in background for checking which queue have callers and if have executing DBPut with value 1.

So, if caller is in queue then queue have to check is that queue have permission to send caller to queue.
All what i need is possibility checking if DBGet return value 1, and if this 0 then stop calling agent

My Suggestion would be to use a LOCAL channel as your member in the queue, You could then do your database check on the dialplan executed there and return a Busy() to the Queue Application if you do not wish that agent to speak to that caller.

this sounds like solution on my issue, i will try and i let put results. I do not know why not I thought about that before I ask the question

I would suggest you put this check in dialplan even before you send the caller into Queue.


I have to put callers to queue and than checking abilities to send caller
from queue to agent, so sugest with local channel in my opinion is good.

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