Asterisk queue configuration

Hi Team,

I have below requirement can anyone help me on this would be highly appreciated.

  1. I have an inbound queue but I dont have any logged in agent there so whenever any call enter into queue I want to move that call to a particular context and from there I will dial agent’s mobile number.
  2. I want a control to pick one call from queue and will move that call to context then after 2 - 3 seconds will move another call to context


You can make your own dialplan, only need to write some code in extensions.conf (asterisk) or extensions_custom.conf (if you use freepbx )

moving call from queue into context is quite easy and I have done in this way just added member=>5000@queuecontext

now just want to move 1 by 1 call from queue to context on the interval of 2 seconds

You must turn your agent in a Local member, ex.: Local/5000@queuecontext/n

That way your member will be set “in use” and will not receive more calls until hangup.
To respect interval of 2 seconds you must add wrapup time and after hangup your member will got 2 seconds to breath before take another call.

Thanks the first part is done and working fine, let be clear my point again the interval for which I am talking is not the wrap time I needed.

what I want ie: I have 4 callers waiting in inbound queue so I want to pick first caller and then send to context,then after 2 second I will send other call to context then again after 2 seconds will send on context

Please explain why you want to do this. People are suggesting wrapup time because they are trying to work out the answer to that question based on how people typically use the system. That is what typically happens if you provide strange, detailed, requirements, without an explanation.

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