AgentLogin / AgentCallBackLogin -- NEW PLAN?


Good Afternoon.
I am running: Asterisk built by root @ pitsdc.local on a x86_64 running Linux on 2013-11-22 23:12:49 UTC

I have realtime support installed using MySQL.

My Queues are defined in the “Queue” Table.
My Queue Members are defined in the “Queue_Member” Table.
In the Queue Member table the “interface” are set to use AGENT #.

Example —
In Queue table — I have “HelpDesk” defined as a Queue with all the options — MOH, Context, etc
In the Queue_member table — I have “Agent/7” as a member of the “HelpDesk” queue.

In agents.conf — I have “Agent/7” setup with a name, password.

Everything is working to a point.

Here are my issues:
1. When the agent logins at a phone. (AgentLogin) in the dial plan.
They get music on hold to a call comes in.
I don’t want to hear music on hold when I am not on a call. The old “AgentCallBackLogin” was perfect from what I read about it, but was removed in 1.6.

 What is the way to get the old option using the new tools of Asterisk ?

2.     Another issue I have is with the AgentLogin --- Since the channel is open to my phone the entire time, I don't get updated CALLER ID when a call comes to the agent.

        Our "Greeting" changes based on what Queue the customer is in or waiting in.

I did a number of Google searches and there is a lot of info about this, but a lot of old “out of date” info.

I see a few references to an AGI script or AEL.
I have no experience with these.

I am interested in giving my customers in queue the option to press 1 and leave a call back number.
I see that this can be done with a few MySQL databases and a perl script.

The problem I have with this is that depending on what Queue will determine what CONTEXT to call the customer back in. Certain Queues have unique caller id or other specific details.

Anyone have any input regarding this and can point me in a direction???

Any help would be appreciated…


Suggested code for simulating call back login is included with Asterisk 1.6.

If you don’t want MoH, you can point an AgentLogin agent at a directory containing silence.

I suspect most people use AMI for CTI, with agents, so don’t need CLID on the phone itself, but I would have thought that connected line presentation update would have worked for agents. Have you set sendrpid correctly?


Thanks for the reply —

Are you saying that there is a way to do a AgentCall back now since 1.6 version?

I see in ‘agents.conf’ where I can set MOH for the agents as a whole.
It don’t matter what I set this to, it always defaults to “default” MOH.

Current setting is — musiconhold => /

Caller ID works in I use SIP/# as members of the Queue and NOT Agent/#.
I am adding a prefix to the caller ID for I know what Queue it is coming from.

With Agent/# as members of the Queue and using AgentLogin…
I don’t get this caller ID info at all.

Thanks again.

AgentCallbackLogin was removed because it was felt that it could be achieved by a combination of dialplan and local channels, and avoid all the potential locking problems involved implementing it in the C code. I don’t think the simulation is as perfect as people would like, but examples of doing it were included with the source code of Asterisk 1.6.

You must provide a directory containing silence, not an empty directory. There may be circumstances where an empty directory is useful, but you will have to make the default directory empty.

I haven’t investigated how COLP is handled for agent channels, so it could be flawed.

Thanks for the info…