Problems with CTI Integration - Launching URL


I am trying to do a CTI integration for incoming calls, and to do so, I am using SNAP, that is configured to launch an URL when a phone is ringing.

Extension Manager - AMI is configured correctly, since I am able to do a TELNET to port 5038, and see events. Also, SNAP is connected withouth no errors, and is able to DO CALLs.

However, SNAP does not launch the URL, neither shows any results on incoming calls (no logs on incoming), but I double checked the configuration and everything seems to be correctly setup. In fact, as said before, telnet works, and even do calls from snap.

I am using a SIP/8105 value on the value of snap to check (channel to check). That channels belongs to a queue.

My questions are:

  • Does SNAP recognices events for Asterisk 1.4.12 ? (I am using latest release of SNAP). If yes… Why does NOT the URL for incoming calls appears ? (yes, it is correctly configured on the CRM tab)

  • Is there any other applications I can use instead to launch anr URL ? Note that I saw several of them under … tification , but they seem to be obsolte. For example, YAACID last release was on 2005, so I suspect it would NOT be ready for 1.4 events… (that may have changed from 1.2).