I’m going to install asterisk server as pbx in my office, but there is one thing that I am still not sure, that is about the ASTTAPI
Because the incoming call popup is very important for our daily work, so I must be sure that ASTTAPI can support this functionality. I did not get any helpful information from the book “the future of telephony” . And I found several topics about tapi in this forum, but most of the questions were not answered.
What I expect is :
1. use first pary model to build the telephon net
2. incoming calls can originate a popup with the incoming caller ID
3. originate a call from PC ,which I can speak with the real phone
Has anybody already succeed with those purposes? Can you tell me how you realized it?
must I get a popup software? is there opensource popup software ?



  1. don’t understand your question
  2. i don’t need CTI, but i have an application that broadcasts to YAC with CallerID. i also lookup the number in a mysql db to resolve the number to a name first, then do the popup.
  3. .call files are perhaps the easiest way to originate a call like this. again, i wrote a small php script to handle this for me.

the wiki at voip-info.org is probably the best place to start. if you’ve basic skills in coding you’ll be able to implement lots of things fairly quickly.


sorry,English is not my mother language, so i try to make my question more clear this time
becaus we have already a software pimphony to do such kind of things,it connects with a crm software,administrate the isdn phones and popup the incoming calls, and it works well.so we also want to use the tapi after we change all isdn phones to ip phones.
my questions is : should we get new software to administrate the ip phones and realize the popup ? and actually I do not really understand how cooperatate tapi,tspi , ip telephon and asterisk in a system . Can you tell me something about it.
I can write codes ,but if we can get a software we want to use if first.