Browser Pop-up Apps


I need a Windows based application which will Open a browser (IE) window and go to a URL (when a call is answered).

I have been searching since past one week but no success.

Tried 4-5 different applicaton, non worked!!
Tried getting support from the application developers. No success!!

Need a solution urgently, OpenSource and Paid both options are welcome.

Looking for help from forum members.

Best regards,


Have you looked at Flash Ops Panel or Asttapi both of these will do this. but may require some work on your part to configure them to do what you want


Hi Ianplain,
Thx for your inputs.

I just read more about ASTTAPI (
But from what I read and understood, its primary function is to make outbound calls via Asterisk. Not sure if it can read incoming signals from Asterisk and open a url in a browser.

I just read about FOP and their site says:

You can perform these actions: Hang-up a channel 
Transfer a call leg via drag&drop 
Originate calls via drag&drop 
Barge in on a call using drag&drop 
Set the caller id when transferring or originating a call 
Automatically pop up web page with customer details 
Click-to-Dial from a web page 
Mute/Unmute meetme participants

Opening a browser seems to be a possibility, I will explore the options.
Thanks for this!!

Any other application or input is deeply appreciated!!



Another one that is better than asttapi is
these are TAPI so will support both.

I use all of these, I do like fop as I have it set up with teh search string so it can search the CRM database for all instances of the number see … &Itemid=30 for more details