AJAM: How to monitor for incoming calls?

Hi all,

We’re building a web based system which is to alert agents of incoming calls. If logged in to the manager interface by telnet, one can grep the various events and retrieve information about calls just by using the flow of events that follows. But we’d like to avoid writing another telnet wrapper and use the AJAM interface instead (XML or rawman).

My problem is - what AMI commands do I use for the purpose, say, how do I alert an agent on SIP/1000 about an incoming call on extension 1234 with the incoming call’s caller id?

Thanks for any input!


I am not sue which one it would be but have a look here:

Hi Dovid, thanks for the reply!

Yes, I have gone through those. Basically, those commands require us to send requests to the AMI every X seconds, so I thought pulling ExtensionState info would be the way to go. But this doesn’t work, probably because we have macros to handle call flow to the various extensions.

My guess is that one will have to listen to events through the manager interface. So I was kind of hoping that those events could be delivered dynamically through, say, xml. But I can’t see that this is possible.

So, am I missing something here, or are we still stuck with the old telnet AMI for listening to events, like, does phone SIP/1000 ring at this moment?


You can have your client “telnet” in and listen in and then alert the user that has an incoming call.