Probing Edd=off To Disable

HI All,

I am trying to install the Asterisk Now 32 bit version on my old PC and upon the initial install phase, after I select 1 to install asterisk 11 with the freepbx I get the following error message:
Probing Edd=off To Disable

How do I get passed this message to install?


You should be asking on the AsterikNow Support forum.

However, my guess is that this a a message from the CentOS loader and the message is telling you the kernel boot time option to use to disable the operation that may be causing the problem.

It sounds like it is causing a hang during the process of trying to work out what hardware is installed. This is always risky, as, by the nature of this step, it doesn’t know what other hardware is installed and therefore what it can safely do.

You are probably going to need help from the CentOS community to get CentOS installed. I suspect you are going to have to install CentOS independently of Asterisk. You may even need to install an older Linux which probes for less devices, or one with a fixed hardware configuration, in order to tweak the installer for the more recent version. Alternatively you may need to cross-build on a system with less problematic hardware.

In any case, the first step is to see if you can get CentOS to install from CentOS install media. If you can’t, you need to treat it as a CentOS issue.